based in connecticut, usa, scott falciglia shares his thoughts on the yet unnamed global revolution challenging western civilization.

The Tailored Home.         Design Inspired by the Introspective Renaissance

The Tailored Home. Design Inspired by the Introspective Renaissance

"I prefer my body to ache from action, not atrophy."

"University is no longer the final educational achievement: introspection is."

"The final frontier is Understanding. How the world works. How we should really be living."


The design journey of The Tailored Home is inspired by the experience of Jhon Ortiz and Scott Falciglia as they observe the unfolding of what we're calling the Introspective Renaissance.

We believe Renaissance - or, rebirth - is something that happens cyclically. It's the signal of an achievement of human understanding, which usually follows a period of ideological strife. We're a race of people unable to discuss that new thing lurking in the backs of all our minds. There's calamity but very very much hope.

The Introspective Renaissance marks the end of many deeply anchored social workings. Everything is challenged and emotions are removed. We begin to ask how to conquer the mind's current limitations. We seek our role in things. We seek context. Beauty is allowed to be big. We celebrate and indulge. The zombie-like hunt for prosperity is no longer how we hustle. Balanced is the new hustle.

Design was at the center of the first named Renaissance. The time is known for an achievement in human understanding, but we usually talk about it through the field of art history. Paintings, sculptures, architecture, city planning. We remind ourselves what the Renaissance was about by imagining the art of Michelangelo.

And The Tailored Home is doing the same thing.

The story of the Introspective Renaissance will be told through our work.

Design and Personal Growth.

Design and Personal Growth.

The Reincarnation of Industrial-era American Cities.

The Reincarnation of Industrial-era American Cities.